Burning desire to achieve something can inspire a man to work a hundred times more than his normal capacity, so much work, that you will be amazed at what I have achieved single-handely. From creating such a variety and volume of literature to creating a national and international network and ushering in a character-building revolution, to creating over 2400 ashrams --- how were these started and successfully carried out. A burning desire to achieve and hard work to bring it about are inherit in this.

Had I tarried, then perhaps I would have become a lowly person for whom getting a daily meal would also have been a problem. May be that my sole purpose would have been just to accumulate money for personal pleasure by hook or cook but then I would not have been able to carry out this Himalayan task.

Instead of looking at others’ shortcomings, discover your own faults. Before critising anyone, first ascertain whether you do not have any shortcoming. If so, first remove your own weakness. The time wasted in critising others should be utilised in self-improvement. Then you will agree that after removing criticism and malice from your heart you are experiencing bliss more often.

Oh Ye People who want to conquer the world, first try to conquer your own self. If you achieve this, then you can realise your dream of winning the world. When people observe that you have conquered your desires, they will automatically like to follow you ---- because they perceive in you an “ideal” which is worth following and no one will oppose you.

“What to do, circumstances are not favourable, no one helps us, there are no opportunities” ---- such complaints are useless. People blame others in this way just to please themselves (or to cover personal shortcomings). People vacillate between belief in luck and belief in deities for granting their wishes. The reason for this is lack of confidence in one’s own self.

When we see that others are happy we start doubting God’s justice but fail to perceive that they have achieved this status by dint of hardwork. Do we have this right mental attitude for honest hard work? God is not partial to anyone! HE has freely distributed to everyone the strength of spirit for upliftment.

When you see yourself surrounded by despair and lack of success, then understand this, that your mind is not stable and you are unsure of yourself.

Until you discard your rotten thoughts, you cannot come out of the present misery. Until you develop the confidence that you are capable of creating favourable conditions, you cannot walk the path of progress. Later on if you can do not discipline yourself, then it is quite likely that the divine spark in you starts becoming dim.

If you wish to extricate yourself from the present unpleasant situation then throw out your mental weakness and replace it with awakened self-confidence.