Many people lament by saying, “Nobody listens to me, I am repeatedly saying such and such a thing and tred of it, but it has absolutely no effect.” According to me the fault lies more with the person who gives instructions than the one receiving them. The man who gives orders, himself does not have the knowledge about the method of working. Such people should first discover their own faults by introspection. This exercise will reveal their terrible lack of knowledge. When you know how to carry out the work, your instruction will bear the ring of conviction, and hence bear fruit. You may not speak or speak a little, but involve yourself in the work. Your work will “speak” and in a few days people will be attracted towards you without invitation. Therefore speak less, work more, because the effect of speech lasts for a second whereas the influence of your work is everlasting.

Adventure beckons you. The power to carry out the work connected with the moral responsibilites of the current era beckons you. One cannot afford to ignore this clarion call. Let us welcome the thorny paths towards self-development and creation of a new world and doubtless we shall progress. Why worry about what others say and do? Our conscience itself is enough for guidance for this great task. Others roam in the dark, let them (do so). We shall depend on the light of moral guidance and proceed. Why worry about who will support us and who will oppose? Our conscience and moral courage is with us. We shall do only that which is but proper to be done by alert, enlightened persons like us.

The position of the so called reformers is really laughable. They shout from rooftops about bringing in reforms in the religious, spiritual, social and political spheres. But one can clearly see the glaring difference between their speech and action in these fields. In such a situation the hope for a bright future becomes ever dimmer.

Are we supposed to sit with folded hands by simply waiting for a bright future? Shall we just believe that we are helpless and not capable and hope for others to change the situation. This should not be when we are already aware that man’s potential is capable of rising to great heights.

The typhoon-like forces of greed, self-importance, fame, success and tension of the rat-race are so powerful that they impel a man to go to great lengths and can fling him anywhere. Generally speaking ordinary and spiritually-lacking people are swept away by these forces. Many such people believing in only some ‘-ism’ have strayed in their lives and reached nowhere.

Do not wander away. When you come at such a point in your life, remember the day when the sapling of faith burst in your heart. Remember your earlier enthusiasm for hard work and try to find out whether the same is not ebbing away.