Shantikunj is established on the lap of Ganga, shade of Himalaya, penance place of seven sages and in the pious field of Saptsarowar. It is present synonym of ancient saintly culture. It is all well equipped laboratory of religion, spirituality, culture, austerity, yoga, discipline, unique coordination of life-living science, postures, science of breathing, yagyopathy, Ayurved an ancient medical science. Registered by the name of Shri Ved Mata Gayatri Trust’ this institution’s expansion is disseminated not only in India but also in 76 countries abroad.

An arial view of Shantikunj, Haridwar

It’s founder patron, nation saint Param Poojya Gurudev Pt. Sriram Sharma Acharya was a famous freedom fighter, brilliant gernalist and social reformer. He has always provided new concept to spiritual discipline science. He is only assumed a thinker to give an intellectual and scientific logic to spirituality. In Asansole jail he lived along with Mahamana Madan Mohan Malveeya, Mata Swaroopa Rani Nehru and Deodas Ghandhi etc. He worked in editorial staff of sainik and undertaken the farmers movement of Agra area raising from Vardoli. He submitted datas in British parliament relating to farmer’s problems and never accepted it’s remuneration. He obtained copper-plate in Shantikunj. He has already donated his whole property to schools and colleges and pension to down-trodden’s fund. Indian government has released one rupee colour postal stamp on 27 June 1991 in Taal Katora Stadium by former president of India honourable Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma in respect of Acharyaji. Vandaneeya Mata Bhagwati Devi Sharma was also revered in the same place. Usually all former Prime ministers, Governors and senior politicians have visited cordially in Shantikunj. Former President of India honourable Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma published two statements on Poojya Gurudev in his book “Desh-Mani”. Punjab Govt. has already awarded the degree of “The Light of Asia”. Till now five scholars have often been awarded Ph.D. degree on Poojya Gurudev.

Shri Ved Mata Gayatri Trust Shantikunj Hardwar (U.P.) is a benevolent Trust which has approximately been engaged since 30 years back in all round reconstruction of the nation. Every mankind is getting equal benefit to service of Shantikunj without considering the feeling of caste, culture, religion and gender etc. This institution is called by different names as Yug Nirman Yojna, Gayatri pariwar or Pragya Abhiyan and its activities run over every corner of the country in many languages.

There are three magazines of mission (1) Monthly Akhand Jyoti (2) Monthly Yug Nirman Yojna (3) Fortnightly Pragya Abhiyan Publish originally in hindi near about 10 lakh in numbers and print in eight language of India as English, Tamil, Orria, Marathi, Telagu, Bangla, Gurumukhi and Gujrati etc. The publication of three thousand books focusing on various aspects on spiritualism, religion and practical life is one of its unique deeds. This noble literature has been awarded many times. It is assumed the foundation of moral intellectual, social and cultural revolution in the country. Ved, Upanishad, Philosophies etc. also use to publish from this place, The expression of the scientific spiritualism is only product of this institution.

This institution performs Yagya arrangement mass congregation, etc. all over India and abroad in which emotional devotion-oriented songs leading life towards progress, music, story, preaching, exhibitions, audio-video and cultural Programmes are in provision.

Shantikunj is a perfect research centre of herbal treatment. Eighteen highly qualified and fully devoted doctors and scientists are engaged in this research work. Each person who is arriving here, get the medical checkup treatment and consultancy without taking any fees. It is an ambitious planing to establish and extend of Ayurveda. In addition to this facility the aelopathy and homeopathic treatment is also available free of cost. Medical Camps and Seminars are also organized here. The world level seminars have held on “Head and Neck Ecology” and “Plant Pathology” in auspices of K.G.M.C. Lucknow and Gurukul Kangari University last year. Shantikunj run mobile medical programmes in the field of poor aborigines. Hence this mission got respect equal to Christian Missionary.

An inside view of Shantikunj, HaridwarShantikunj has its own free school and degree college in rural area. Books have been prepared for character building and personality development of the students on which M.P. Govt. organizes the examination. Himachal Govt. kept this literature in the educational course. U.P. Govt. has prepared a systematic syllabus for moral education for children. All work is being done free of cost.

There are one thousand sub-centres of this institution named by Gayatri Pariwar Trust. Literature, medical services, education and literacy expansion environmental protection, plantation, self-sufficiency education either of the activities run definitely.

This institution also has a Swavallamban Vidhyalaya to teach the 30 kind of cottage industries in which youths not only get the training for self employment but also obtain full knowledge and guidance of ‘Trisem planning’ and know how’s related to cottage industries by which thousands of young men redeem from unemployment.

It is only institution where from many provinces to central Govt.’s police administration, education, medical, forest, environment and officers akin to national security services, have conducted above 800 workshops and seminars on stress free management, moral education and personality development. Agriculture Ministry of central Government and world Bank have been operating their RICHA project for unemployment persons in water shade area, Here the training, lodging, and boarding, facilities are totally free. All religious officers equally participated and admired this institution open heartedly. It is also an all India training centre of N.C.E.R.T. and Scout-Guide at without any cost.

A perfect laboratory Brahmvarchas is a specific service centre to study the various spiritual disciplines and the effect of sanctified life, where mental patients get immediate redemption from tension. People abandoned their intoxication, crimes and commenced their life in constructive way. The services of this mission are expressible in realm of the eradication of intoxicant’s habits and evilness hidden in social life as illiteracy ailments, begging tendencies, blind faith, dowry and prevalence of ideal marriage, literacy , plantation etc. Women awakening is the characteristics of these programmes. They have been given a perfect training from living independent life to public leading. This mission has got many national reward.

Amongst numerable characteristics the principle of larger family is one of them. Eight hundred volunteers subsistence on average Indian citizen standard allowance. Either doctors, engineers or gardener all have equal convenience. Husband and wife get only Rs.1400/- per month and Rs. 1800/- after issue. No body has any concession to increase the family members beyond this proper limit. The founder patrons have already deposited the money in fixed deposit. So that any trustee of this trust may never touch this property permanently. The expences of this Ashram exist an behalf of it’s fixed deposit. Capital’s interest and follower’s 20 paise per day or one day’s salary contribution in every month.

Indian government has appointed this institution as a member of Natural calamity Solution Advisory Committee. Shantikunj participated in very great relief work in earth quake in Uttarkashi, Latoor, Jabalpur and Gujrat flood etc. This trust is tax exempted from 31-3-95 under the 80 G order No. 19(6) tax exemption/Hdr./KE.Su, Sha/79-80/10. Custom concession is also given to purchase the equipment for research centre. U.P. Government exempted all taxes to our vehicles.

Continual kindled eternal light lamp since 1926, and established eternal sacrificial fire in Yagyashala is the visible witness of resolution of establishing the meritorious deeds and abolish the vicious activities as given in Bhagwat Geeta ‘Dharma Santhapnarthaya, Sanbhamami Yuge-Yuge”. There are approximately 100 offices, 27 training hall, one thousand rooms to accommodate participants, free kitchen, general store and canteen at no loss no profit pattern bases, two big dinning hall and computer room for the direction of all activities. Here three days of guest session, nine days of spiritual training session and one month priest’s training sessions run regularly.

The public congregations have been held in large numbers all over India every year. Wise orators have been trained and sent to conduct these programmes from this training institution. Which has fine arrangement to reply about two thousand letters per day by hundred trained volunteers with their own hand writing. Shantikunj has its own E.D.S.O post office

All these arrangements function quite smoothly by the missionary reverend volunteer’s only hour time and 20 paise per day contribution not by millionaires. Shantikunj is the symbol of potent efficacy of manpower. Heartily welcome to the cordial visit.