The clarion call of the times is for achieving this goal and to think dynamically for the same.

We must have faith that in the coming days, so many talented persons will emerge and persent before the world the ideals of their valour, courage, sacrifice, renunciation and diligence for rescuing the humanity from its misery. The time is calling out to the talented persons. They must come out from their narrow attachments and march forward for creating the new order, the new era. There lies their glory and the salvation of the world.

Religion's call of the era to idealist talents.

It is indeed a painful situation that religion remains ignored by talented persons and is in the hands of reactionary elements. To-day these elements are in greater numbers in the religious fields. As a result there is an abundance of perversities. Almost everywhere there is a racket of persons in the garb of religious thinkers or leaders exploiting the people for their own selfish ends. As a consequence the labour, resources and the money of the society is continuously exploited with nagative results.

Right-thinking people are losing faith in religion because of the prevalent distortions in this field. The people dominating this field are laying too much emphasis on rituals and recitations of mantras rather than on purity of character and claim that a person is freed from the punishment for sins only by these rituals and recitations. First of all such emphasis leads to increased immorality and apathy among people and secondly, right-thinking people start viewing religion as backward, orthodox and giving inspiration for immoral and corrupt conduct. That is why talented persons must enter the field of religion and the public must be taught that not the goverment only but religion also is capable of playing a significant role for all-round progress.

The search for lively talents.

The appearance and constitution or nature of men may be similar but there is a great difference of level in between them. Poeple of a low level are dependent on others. They close their eyes and blindly follow others. They hardly have the faculty of discerning what is proper. This dependent class is in the majority in the society everywhere. This is the low class of poeple.

There is another class of people. Although they possess understanding, They are immersed in narrow selfishness. Despite having the extra qualitites of worthiness and eagerness, they utilise them only for satisfying their greed, infatuation and ego. Their policy is to care for their own interest only. Ideals do not interest or influence them. They are never able to think of service or help to others because of their stinginess and cowardice.

There is one more class of people consisting of talented persons. When they are busy in the material world, they make a lot of arrangements. They observe discipline and work within rules. They row their own boats and carry many others with them. They think of big plans and make them work. The organisers and managers of factories mostly possess these qualities. Those who have major achievements and succeses to their credit, won competitions, they all possess such original insight. In common language, they only are called talented. The progress of one's field or country depends on such organised and talented people only.

The highest level of people is of divinely inspired great men. They possess immense talent, but use it for self-purification, and high level projects for public-welfare. They reduce personal needs and ambitions so that they can utilise the remaining treasure of energy for others' welfare.They only are considered the real wealth of the country.

Only these talented people of the highest level are required during adverse times. They only are sought, brought into the vanguard, trained and moulded.

The present time is a wonderful and unprecedented one in world history. In this time,on the one hand a tremendously destructive storm is looming ahead while on the other, waves of enthusiasm, of ushering in a new golden era of morality and virtue, are also rising high. Although destruction and development are two opposities, even then it is also possible for both of them to be in the action at same time. In the past, talents working for good causes have been completely successful in influencing their times and society. By his influence, Gandhiji had created such an atmosphere that innumerable poeple came in the vanguard as freedom-fighters for painful renunciation and sacrifice. Inspired by Bhagwan Buddha, millions of monks and nuns gave up their comfortable lives to change the people's thinking. The followers of Lenin were successful in creating the communist movement. History is full of proof of the success of Shivaji, Pratap, Guru Govind Singh etc who created an epoch-making atmosphere with their powerfully influential characters and inspired innumerable poeple to join them.

The call of the times is for change and reform---- the people's mind must be prepared accordingly. For this purpose those brave warriors have to come in the front raks who will activate their faith and provide emulatory examples for the common public.

Without adopting the virtuous tradition of abnegation and sacrifice this great project cannot be completed in any other way. It cannot be started by people with low morale. They may be able to follow behind but cannot have courage of being in the vanguard. The auspicious start of Yug Nirman Pariwar (changing and transforming the era) will be possible only by those courageous persons with the visible ideals of self-denial and sacrifice. The demand and call of the time is for the emergence of such people.

For transforming the era, the dedicated leaders must search for and develop such talents as will arouse faith in the principles and ideals of dev-sanskruti (i.e. the culture of goodness and virtue) in the general public. Man's attachment and attaraction to atheism, hedonism, unrestrained living, hippyism and wicked conduct must be broken. Man will have to be explained with proof, that there is benefit and not harm in adopting the path of ideals and principles. The usefulness of ideals and principles will have to be established with logic, proof, experiments, religious truths and historical events. Should this be possible, then the inverted thinking of the society can be straightened up and this correct thinking itself will be the foundation or the basis of Yug Pariwartan (i.e. transformation of the era into a morally religious era.)

Key Activities