The magic of voice and music have done the miraculous work of changing the people's disppointment, helplessness and pain to hope and constructive activity when they were defeated and harassed in big wars. Japan, Germany, Poland Czechoslovakia, Russia, France, Britain etc. were severly affected in the last two world-wars. Had the morale of the public been broken by adversities, then it would have taken generations to restore it. But the talents of those countries sang only those creations which were a balm on the wounds. The musicians played that music which scattered the rays of hope in their hour of darkness. The actors awakened the depressed public with a new enthusiasm. Our country India has suffered very deep wounds of subjugation of over 1000 years. It requires the music which will arouse it from its numb torpor. It requires the music for foussing the idealism of the masses to work for ushering in a green-revolution in the country.

The actor should show such direction as will spur the people to think and act constructively, freeing them from the shackles of intellectual slavery and replace it with the fresh thinking of direction instead of blind imitaiton.

Practically the entire political leadership in Indian is now very old. They have done their work whether good or bad. It is no use looking back and lamenting. Now we should draw such personalities in the political field who will create a place for themselves in the hearts of the public by greatness of character and renunciation of the martyrs, instead of cheating. If such talented persons can be created, then the darkness in politics can be dispelled. If not, we will countinue to be plagued with cheats and frauds with the result that neither the population will get relief nor can the nation progress. Some peole from among us must make their characters so pure and sound that they can pass the acid-test of worthiness for national leadership. Profoundly talented people should be engaged in such preparations that in due time they are able to pass the test of worthiness.

The manner is which to-day's rich have earned their wealth, the attitude with which they have hoarded it, clearly shows that 1. they will leave their money for their sons and grandsons to lead a life of wallowing in luxury and indulgence without productive work for the society, 2. that they will waste away this money on sycophants and hangers-on, doctors, pubs and prostitutes 3. spend it for political tactics 4. literally burn it away in extravagant marriages 5. spend the money on pomp and hypocrisy and 6. after hypocrititcal show-off will spend the money in law-suits and governmentsal taxes 7. will give away to 'religious' cheats for rituals to buy an easy ticket to heaven. 8. If someone tempts them with instant name or fame, will utilise a little or big amount for the same. Thus they are also attracted to the schemes for having their plaques is dharmashalas (resthouses for pilgrims) or sadavrat (soup-kitchens).9. Any cheat can cheat them with get-rich-quick schemes. Thus the income of the rich people who have earned their money by dishonest means will be spent in the diverse ways shown above. But hardly will anyone of them think of harnessing their money for changing the wrong thinking of the poeple to the right path which is the real basis for human progress.

The scene is disppointing but we have to try find some right thinking moneyed talent who will be farsighted and will be ready to employ a part of his income in freeing man from slavish-thinking. Nothing is impossible. In the 15th century, there was Bhamashah who gave away all his wealth to the Rajput king Maharana Pratap in his fight for India's freedom, that too at a time when the king had lost all hope and was hiding in mountains to save his family. It is likely that there may be a similar minded wealthy person who really wants to do something for India and requires encouragement to come forward. We have to try to find such a person. We have to inform the wealthy that there is a better way of earning virtuous merit by co-operating in the programme for 'bhavnatmaknavnirman' (i.e. creation of a new order of thinking-virtuous thinking for moral and spiritual regeneration). If understanding and good intentions are alive, then these persons should think deeply on the prevailing conditions and be generous enough to give a part of their wealth for that project or programme on which depends the future of the entire mankind.

People who can think about the country, religion, society and culture are still among us. Today's requirement is to find them out, awaken them, to kindle in them the enthusiasm to serve the society. Mother India is full of generous donors, profound writers and poets, artists dedicated to the cause of culture, real saints, religious workers and people capable of strong leadership. People who will respond to the call of humanity, who are aware of a sense of reponsibility, will definitely be found hidden somewhere in this country. The time has come to give them the challenging invitaition for discharging their responsibility to the society. It is not possible that such persons will not accept this invitation. Within our Yug Nirman Parivar (family) itself there are such talented people, who if, they rouse themselves, are capable of not only transforming India, but also transforming the whole world.

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