We have to make preparations while thinking that we have to produce such highly talented people from among our own people who can show their valour and courage in our very extensive and very great project leading it. The trouble is that such persons are not available who work successfully in the service of the people. Actually those who come in the field of public-service are craving for fame, money, wanting power, and they are rude, arrogant, selfish, narrow-minded who have come into the field due to emotional impulsiveness or for removing their unemployment. Because they do not have inner greatness, their deficiencies start showing within a few days and then they spoil the field of service with their bad odour. To-day every institution is dying because of the deficiency of its workers and not because of the non-cooperation of the people. Movements and institutions have been destroyed because of the deficiency of the workers. Keeping this in view, we will have to take every step very cautiously and patiently create such talented persons who will not succumb to temptations and will save innumerable people from temptations and wrong or wicked ways. There is no dearth of talented people, they are all around us. If one visits jails, one will find talented people, one better than the other over there. Outside too, all the exploitation, deceit, wicked conduct and conflict are increasing due to the working of talented people. The creation of a new order is hampered because of lack of talented persons. It is extremely essential that we search for new talents, develop them and bring them in the front rows on the battlefront for crating a new world-order. Persons who have an intense desire for money or status or applause or praise, are totally unworthy for public-service. If they come here, they must be prevented and must be sent back. Those who desire that they must be honoured more than others, they will lose their influence in no time and will not only be unable to fulfil this rare opprtunity, on the contrary, will destroy the organisation. For entry into the field of new spiritual, virtuous thinking, the doors are open for only those who will remain satisfied with whatever food and clothing is available, such requirement being even less than of an average Indian. Gandhiji understood the helpless inability of the average poor citizen to afford sufficient clothing and displayed his honesty and integrity by wearing half-dhoti and coveing the upper body by another half-dhoti. The real social workers must keep in mind the ideals of the sages. They used to keep their requirements to the minimum even though they were extremely capable. Only that person will remain successful till the end, who will prove himself in this test, who will limit his expenses to the barest minimum and will be ready to live his life with the least expenses. Spendthrifts and pleasure-seekers will not be able to control the lust for earning more and more money and will resort to visible or invisible dishonesty. Chanakya and Vashishtha were Rajyagurus (advisors to the King). Their leadership was very strong but their distinctiveness was their voluntary acceptance of poverty. High thinking is dependent only on simple living. Everyone knows what our political leaders are doing in their eagerness for pomp and luxury. This same weakness has caused the downfall of every artist and every talent. Therefore those who have to hold the reins of full-time leadership in this "Yug Nirman Yojana" (the plan for the creation of a New Virtuous Era), must first of all crush and discard all personal ambitions and must accept a monk's simplicity with a sincere mind. The second test is to be completely aloof and unenthusiastic about fame, desires, status, supremacy, authority, adoration, reputation etc. Those who are eager for taking out their own procession, for wearing garlands, for having their feet worshipped and having their names published, they are full of danger for this organisation. Such a person will create a good healthy organisation into a wrestling arena of jealousy and malice. He will create a party of his own, create conspiracies for the dowfall and slander of colleagues to show himself pure as a white lily, and God knows what else he will do! Ultimately everyone will understand his cleverness. Then others will either copy him or topple him. With the publication of his name, other colleagues will be disappointed or will be jealous of him. It is an entirely different matter if such a thing occurs because of some circumstance or by chance, but for a person working in this field this poison should never enter his mind. He must save himself from both the desire for money and desire for fame, because the credit must go to the mission and not to individuals. If essential, the credit must be passed on to the Founder. The ancient sage Vyas is the originator of the Purans or the ancient Indian scriptures. As it is, during different times, individuals have written the same 18 Purans (with explanations) and 18 Oop Purans (additions), but all of them never desired credit for themselves, and always gave the credit to the great sage Vyas.

The creation of the new era will be achieved - not by bricks and mortar but - by changing the direction of thinking of the people. This task will be carried out by the trinity of the writer, the poet and the publisher. Capital should be employed for producing such profound literature which will be healthy, nourishing, will satisfy the intellectual hunger of the new generation of the new era and easily available. Booksellers must consider their profession as holy as a priest's and sell only tested, selected literature. The association of book-publishers should take a pledge that they will not print the literature which will pervert the minds of the public, which will spread superstitions, wickedness and slander. The association of book-sellers should take a firm decision that instead of filling their bellies with food from corrupt money by selling morally degrading books, they would consider it better to go hungry. If the three streams of creators of literature, publishers and book-sellers adopt the attitude of public-welfare, then our society will be able to regain its health and rejuvenate itself.

Saraswati, Lakshmi and Durga respectively the Goddesses of learing and wisdom, wealth, and power or strength- by their benevolence, make a man's life happy by bestowing wisodm, wealth and strength to man. These days unfortunately the art of song, dance and acting concentrate only on exciting lust, obscenity and 'shrungar' (a combination of dress, ornaments and make-up which are sexy and excitng). In the name of the arts, even if it be proper upto a limit , to-day it has crossed all bounds of decency and morality, and this immoral trend has increased rapidly beyond all imagination. There is nothing except only sexually titillating and exciting material in whatever is seen and heard. Whoever sings - it is titillating and sexully excting, whoever plays music - it is the same, whoever writes -once again titillating, excting and stimulating lowly sex-instincts. The burning desire to gain cheap praise and loot public-money by bringing up the animal-instincts in man, has led to a cut-throat race to outdo each other with the sky as the limit. Now this blind race must be banned. For songs there are other subjects which appeal to the emotions and entertain such as comic, creating a feeling of wonder, pertaining to bravery and peace. These remain untouched.

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