If the new era dawns, it will be through cleansing of thoughts. If there is a revolution, it will not be through guns and bloodshed, but cutting through cirrupt-thinking with pure thoughts. If a new society is created, it will be by re-establishment of good thoughts. All the dirty thinking that has entered the society so far, has been through intellectuals. Malice, quarrels, racism, casteism, widespred killing of human beings-in all these, the prime role has been of intellectuals only. If they were followers of the path of virtue, if their hearts were pure, if they had the strength of the power through penance, then they would have given birth to constructive thinking, created good literature and the like.

What should be done? There is only a single answer to this question today - just plunge with a single - mindedness into your duty for 'vicharkranti' (the peaceful revolution of changing the people's thinking). To-day's problems are innumerable. Their forms and results are also varied. But we will have to go firmly ahead with the belief that the root-cause of all these is only one - i.e. perverted thinking. Lack of faith because of preverted thinking is the biggest reason causing destruction in this era. There cannot be any greater destructive force. The solution for its eradication is also one.
To straighten the inverted thinking by inverting it. If people's thinking can be cleansed by reforming it, then every problem will be easily solved. Without cleaning the gutter it is difficult to get rid mosqutoes and flies. As our duty for the era, we must recognise only 'vicharkranti (i.e. revolution is the thinking process by wiping out preverted thinking and replacing it with clean thinking) and we must get involved in this work instead of spending our energy on scattered tasks. One can see people trying to carve out their own place, name and fame. They will merely go through the motions of work, but will give a lot of publicity to it. Let those worthless individuals who want publicity for themselves create their own strange plans in the name of service to the people. But those who want to open all the locks with one key only, should recognise the task of changing people's thinking as supreme, keep that only as the goal and carry out tasks related to this goal only.

Think deeply, contemplate! Come forward for 'vicharkranti' (revolution in the thinking process of the people by eradicating perverted thinking and replacing it with clean thinking) and save the coming generation form roaming blindly in the jungle of life.

Talented People Must Come Forward
And Take Command

The public-mind is so much muddled up, is becoming so much perverse and rude, that it was never so before. These days atheism and the so-called beliefs that there is no such entity as a soul is being encouraged by science. The power and therefore the dread of science is also very much, and hence the hidden demoniac tendencies receiving encouragement results in the vice-like grip of a creeper plant climbing a tree. Hedonism, unrestricted living, hippyism supported by atheism are now increasingly propounded form roof tops. Earlier poeple used to think or act on such things secretively and hesitatingly. Now the same undesirable impudent life-style is supported in the name of progressive thinking with the help of 'logic' and 'proof'. People have been learning wicked conduct for a long time and it has become almost a habit with them. Talented people and the arts are openly supporting and nurturing these perversities. One can easily infer from this the complicatedness and imbalance of the situation. The total eradication of these undesirable tendencies and reinstating of ideals, that too on a world-wide scale, is undoubtedly a very big and very difficult task. The world is dispersed into too many languages, too many races and castes, many civilistions, many regions and innumerable governments. In these fields, the same style, the same medium, the same manner will have to be adopted for starting the reforms. For this task, such big plans and such big preparations will have to be made, as have never been made before.

For fulfilling this essential historical requirement of this era, we shall require talented people who will stand in the front ranks to lead the common people. One way of attracting these talented people on our side is by opening the eyes of those talented people- who have strayed on to the wicked path - and thus obliging them to return to the straight and virtuous path. The other solution is that we grow, nurture and train new talents from the common people.

Both efforts should be carried on, but it will be difficalt to detach the people from the wicked path because they are addicted to it. During Valmiki's time, the great sage Narad could rescue and reform only Valmiki from among the numerous dacoits. Similarly Buddha could succeed in reforming only one prostitulte, viz, Aamrapali. The rest went on in their professions, bringing to a nought the efforts of these great reformers. To-day's art and talented people have become perverse in almost the same way. We should not give up our efforts to reform them, but at the same time should not depend on them. Even if they are not reformed, if at least their path becomes hobbled, if they become harassed and give up wickedness because of the criticism, contempt and non-cooperation, it is no less an achievement.

If Ravan (symbolising wickedness) dies, then Ram Rajya (the kingdom of Ram or the rule of virtue) will get an opportunity to expand. We are not dejected about reforming the present perverse art and talented people. We should not give up, but should not expect much. Even if they halt, it is enough. If they reform and change, then it is great achievement indeed.

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