If it can he be said and believed that the era is changing, then this much more has to be added to it - that this process will begin with the 'superior' persons changing their own direction. When talented people progress, then only there is a row of followers moving behind them. The history of people's rise and fall has always moved along this track. In other words we can describe talents as 'disorganised or unmoulded'. The speed with which they move in a particular direction, in that proportion, right from straws and leaves to roofs and big trees have been seen to be swayed and uprooted. The credit or blame for to-day's desructive situations and crises will be laid only on the shoulders of to day's talented men. The same has happened in the past and the same process will go on in future also. People rise and fall, but the credit for the rise or the burden of sin for the downfall is heaped on the heads of that particular time's leading talents.

Their moving forwards breathes life into innumerable people. If they fall, then like hailstones, they fall, then like hailstones, they destroy entire crops. Those who sit quietly, they are neither called peaceloving, nor impartial nor detached. During critical times, those hiding their face behind the garb of peace, worship or spirituality may console their minds, but the torment and torture of adverse times can never forgive them. Those who think of spiritual discipline in solitude during the tortured atmosphere of calamities, epidemics, fires, wars and troubles can never be termed spiritual people. They can only be called cruel, heartless 'stones'.

This is a critical time. It calls for 'aapattidharma' (or special duty for critical times).

The essence of 'aapatti-dharma' is to set aside the thought of normal comforts and facilities and get involved in that task for which the dignity and glory of man's conscience is crying out. To-day's awakened-soul must not have the time to think about the means of increasing his wealth or his family. To-day it is not essential to become a degree-holder, or rushing here and there to be counted among great men. If it were a peaceful time, then these childish activities may somehow be pardoned. If lesser, childish people were engrossed in such shallow activities, then also it does not matter, but if such a whim overpowers the superior people, then it is like an eclipse of their talents. They must think of only one matter that when the time is challenging all alert, awakened souls, do they want to bite their finger-nails or do they want to stand out with puffed chests to face the challenge?

Three-quarters of the world-population consists of children, incapable people and those unable to earn. Of the remaining population, the activities of the majority is limited to filling their bellies and producing children. They have neither any ambition nor any capacity except passing the day. Most part of this earth is burdened with such people. In reality, it is worthwhile and meaningful to call only those people as 'men' who have the courage and knowledge to think of the future. They are also capable of thinking seriously on personal problems, social problems and problems of the times and also finding their solutions.

Talented people are counted among 'architects' of the times, who profoundly shape the events of their times. There are four levels of persons among them. They are political leaders, scientists, the super-super-rich controlling the finance of the world and the fourth and the intellectual including men of letters, artists, and leaders of the armed-forces who influence the events in an extraordinary way by their talents. This group of four talents actually creates all the problems and if they wish, they can solve them also. But such is not the case.

Nobody is able find a solution to these confusing problems. There is no print in advancing and nobody wants to retreat. Such a grave situation demand deep understanding and wisdom to find a solution which can avoid total destruction. This solution will manifest in due time, new alternatives will be found, and the step of retreating will be found more beneficial.

In place of producing weapons of destruction, there is a vast area waiting for the birth of a new creation. For this purpose vast changes will have to be made in the current system of thinking and action for changing its direction, and this change is possible, not impossible. This task is possible if a new type of understanding dawns in the minds of the four groups of talents described above. This too will take place. Rulers will think in their own way. Capitalists will become aware of new alternatives for protecting and increasing their capital. Scientists will come across new discoveries. There are so many important tasks like harnessing the energy of the sun, turning sea-water into sweet-water and production of food, which the scientists should carry out in the present days. Space-travel and production of all-destructive weapons is not all that essential.

The very big task of spreading this thought and sentiment of recognising and re-establishing man's dignity is remaining to be done. Where is the need that they become the 'choppers of the butchers' and carry out what neither essential nor honorable nor graceful.

The scriptures say - "Manisha asti yesham the manishi naha," but have simultaneously also elaborated, "manishi nastu bhavanti, pavanani na bhavanti" which means there are many men with high intelligence, but it is necessary that they are also pure and capable of purifying others. It is one thing to be talented and intelligent and quite a different thing to be intelligent with a pure and clean conscience. This saying is absolutely true in to-day's situations. To-day there are innumerable editors, intellectuals, writers, discoverers and talented scientists spread out in various countries, but they are not 'manishi' (powerful minds capable of influencing others). Why so? Because they have not developed the inner purity of conscience by introspection through penance.

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