The other group of men is of superior people. Superior people are those who can solve their problems by themselves and use the remaining efforts for saving others, and therein lies their grandeur. If there are no brave swimmers and boatmen, then during severe floods, the affected people will merely be trembling helpless bystanders.

Bravery is only of that boatman whose powerful hands firmly grip the oar and gives them the freedom from fear with the trust of safe-passage. For crossing the turbulent river, that lone boatman is superior to those fear-grippe
d people. God may not give prosperity to a person, but if this person is capable of real compassion, God will certainly give to him the strength of that superior boatmen.

There is no dearth of patients anywhere. For them a skiful doctor is required. There are a number of people suffering from blindness. But doctors who give them sight through surgery are praiseworthy. They rush to the hospital at dawn and like yogis in deep trance, they are engrossed in surgical operations. They are not worried whether those who have regained their sight praise them or not.

Truth lies in the fact of the good fortune of being superior - one who is fortunate of being superior, will live with satisfaction and die peacefully. God may not make a person a billionaire, but if a person desires to be graced with His Blessings, then may He grant the skill and status of that doctor who helps innumerable blind persons by giving them the gift of sight.

The worlds of the unfortunate and fortunate people are different. The unfortunate persons spend their time by feedig their desires, get overburdened with indiscriminate production of children, lead astray their own persons, become victims of overspending and indisciplined living and by feeding their ego, attack others and suffer counter-attack in turn. This itself is the summary of their lives.

Innumerable people adopt this despicable lifestyle, but hardly is there anyone among them who can save himself from the painful reaction which comes from straying from the straight path. The crowd of such people - crying, getting angry and making others angry, becoming afraid and frightening others, teasing and beating others - is seen virtually at every street - corner. Is there any wisdom in joining this crowd? Let God deprive a man of high education, but may He grant the discrimination between what is beneficial and what is harmful or causing loss. Let a person not be brave and famous but may he get the insight and wisdom that human life is precious and to make it meaningful, one must have the discrimination to choose one's own path insteade of joining the sheep-like crowd. Let not God deprive anyone of that.

The proper and natural process of progress is only one, that is, to rise from below and to move forward from behind. The process of man's progress is only this one - that instead of remaining at a low level, he should make very diligent efforts to rise high. It is worth remembering that a person's success or failure can be measured from the viewpoint of means. Snakes sit on pitchers and trunks of treasure. Demons are said to rule underground wealth. Demons are physically stronger. Those who are experts at cheating, create heaps of money from earth by deception. Is this any achievement? If so, then it will not be praised, but despised. The success associated with self-deception and people's condemnation should be considered even worse than poverty, weakness and failure.

Those who are treading this path have already fallen. As such this is also 'progress' but in the opposite direction, instead of rising from below.

If anyone knows how to measure progress, it's only measuring rod is-inclusion of excellence in one's viewpoint, and ideals in ones's contemplation and liking. Where this auspicious start has been made, the lifestyle will also be moulded likewise without effort. A person's nature and culture develops from a combination of contemplation and character and these only get transformed into lifestyle. If it moves in the direction of excellence, then understand, that situations will automatically develop to make such a person great.

If instead of this, the person's liking and contemplation is of a lowly character, and engaged only in animalistic tendencies, then naturally, his activities will be of that level. People desire benefits in results while indulging in lowly activities, but how can Nature's dictum be inverted? How can the impossible process of raising a person to a high level be possible when he is constantly engaged in going down only.

This is the summary of the explanation of that state of mind which raises of brings down man's character, deeds and simultaneously his future also. The move of the superior people should be in the direction of excellence only. They should understand that it does not behove them to go and stand in the line of the troubled, the fallen., and the wretched. Everyone should pay full attention to this truth and must understand that man himself is the creator of his own fate.

It is not necessary to blame anyone nor cry over the situations. The axis of a person's rise or fall rests only one pole that is, he has moulded himself in which type of mould and which direction he has chosen. There is no partnership of anyone in deciding this course of action. Whichever road of goodness or otherwise is chosen, companions automatically meet us on the way. There is no dearth of goodness in this world, nor bad elements. It is for us to choose what we want, then have courage and expect help from the world. Only those who understand and accept this truth, are realistic. The others start somewhere and reach somewhere like the dry-leaf rising and falling with gusts of wind. Why discuss such aimless people?

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