Art itself is Sarswati, the Goddess of learning and is therefore like the loving mother who teaches her children virtue and morality with love. No son will be so mean and heinous as to keep his own mother in a brothel and live upon such earnings. But unfortunately to-day's a artists have brought themselves to such low, debased level. They have become a commodity to be enslaved by the hoarders of money or they are planning their own strategy for getting rich quickly. Whatever the outer garb of our to-day's cinema, song, music, acting painting, poetry, religious leader or political ruler, inside they have descended to the above rotten level. If this were not the case, then in the last 50 years, India's art, on its own strength, would have raised the level of India's people sky-high. The revolution would have been successful long back in intellectual, moral and cultural fields-but without that high level in the field of art that revolution is incomplete.

Talent is a special and additional gift. Some people's characters are courageous, energetic, observant, mixing, practical, skilful and impressive. Whatever work they take in their hands, they tackle it with their minds and practical skill and dynamically achieve high levels of success. This combination of special qualities is called talent. They are full of many qualities like understanding, insight, confidence and hard work. Generally, only such people are organisers and administrators of great works. Success follows them like a shadow because they have the knowledge to tackle obstacles and make things easy. Only men of talent have been found to be successful saints, rulers, social workers, authors, artists, professionals and organisers. Similarly talented men can also do such horrendus acts as dacoity, stealing and thuggee. They are also seen in the first rows as courageous warriors as leaders of battalions in wars. Revolutionaries also belong to this category. Such people are also required for making every campaign of Yug Nirman (creation of a new era) a dazzling success. Such talented stars are being invited from wherever they are for harnessing their God-given blessing i.e. talent into great project of Yug Nirman (creation of a new era) instead of wasting it away. By harnessing their talents in such a creative project as Yug Nirman, the interest of their own talents and of the whole world will be achieved. Only capable men will be able to bear the responsibility and burden of vast projects like 'Yug Parivartan' (transforming the era).

The authority of the soul is very powerful, responsibilities are big, the expectations of the Creator are very high, the glory of the time is incomparable-with the presence of all these, why this wretchedness, which becomes an obstacle for fulfilling the role of the prime messengers of God. One cannot understand whether this factor, which makes capable men helpess, is wordly attachment or bad tendencies or bad results (of past deeds) or a spider's web? When this challenging time calls for valour and manliness, why are men developing weak-knees? Why are their mouths becoming dry? Why are they perspiring with fear? Should idealism be mere idle-talk of entertainment? Should there not be any occasion to test its propriety? During the great battle of Mahabharat, Krishna (the incarnation of the Supreme)had become very angry, he was not able to bear the vast gulf between speech and action and with raised eyebrows said to Arjun, "O unfortunate one! At this critical time, why this dejection and narrow-minded attachment overpowers you?" The Lord Supreme is asking the question in almost the same language and demands an answer from resourceful men.

One category of men is of 'near-pashu' (i.e. men who are living animals at physical level only). They want wealth for indulging their senses, for decorating their bodies and for feeding their egos. For all purposes they look like men, but in fact they are merely lifeless bodies. They are aptly called "moving trees and shrubs". They want decay and suffocation.

Knowingly or unknowingly they desire it and also purchase it. Throughout the life they go on working without a pause for filling the chasm of luxury, hoarding, and ego, but except for sore-palms, pain in the waist and dissatisfaction, what else do they get? Just as the ox tied to the yoke of the oil-mill is fated to go round and round, similarly these men also meet the same fate. Most men belong to such category only. Like the sheep, they follow each other unthinkingly to fall deep down into the gorge, then spend their days in anguish and lament, blaming others for their condition.

This group of wretched men who have fallen into the chasm of pain and downfall is no doubt a pitiable lot. They should be consoled and as far as possible, should be provided relief. Compassion demands that even though the sufferer is gripped by adversities of his lowly thinking and actions, he should be considered as after all trapped in illusion. It is useless to call him wicked or corrupt or depraved. It would be proper to call him a 'strayed child'. In this itself lies the politeness of spiritual contemplation and love for the fallen. They require help and it should be given to them. And it will be given to them as long as the conscience of superior men is alive and this process will go on.

There is an outcry for service and help during calamities and adversities and it is also given at such times. But this is a temporary solution, only during adversities. Where is the solution for the problems which always exist? It is essential to prevent calamities and adversities. The knowledge of surgery and medical treatment is not everything. For protection of health it is also essential to create an atmosphere for changing bad habits. Accepted that to-day's outcry of pain is heart-wrenching and demands immediate treatment, but it should not be forgotten that the situations which have created this pain in the first place, must not be allowed to remain. The reform of such situations should also be considered alongwith.

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