Talents are God-given. These are given to certain special persons for the reason that these will be considered God's reserve for people's welfare and that these special skills will not be employed for gratifying one's lust or desire or ego, but for people's welfare. Had the talented people understood this truth and kept in mind the special task imposed with the special skills, then the situation of the world would have been different to-day.

Hitler, the supremo of fascist Germany fully utilised the power of cinema for making the German people desirous of war. He used his vast propaganda-machinery according to his likes and needs. The
result was as desired. Every citizen of Germany had started dreaming of world-conquest and the German citizen was willing to sacrifice everything to make his country a jewel in the crown of the world. By giving a proper direction to the propaganda-machinery of cinema, the mind of the people can be changed in any desired direction. To-day when most film-producers, singers, music-directors and actors are engaged in stimulating shallow tendencies like lust and imprudent behaviour, then that very same result is before our eyes. Now, the desire for becoming an actor instead of being a leader has very badly gripped the new generation. The new generation's soft, impressionable minds are being moulded (in the wrong direction) where the Indian cinema industry intends to mould them.

If our cine-actresses link or combine their talents with devotee-poetess Mira's tradition of spreading devotion among the people, then they will immerse the populace in the nectar of devotion. If Miss India or Miss Bombay can employ their powers of attraction - like the legendary Joan of Arc in France or India's legendary Aamrapali-in leading the people, then they would have taken very much forward the people with the influence of their beauty and speech. If the artists' stage can be mixed with ideals and specific goals, then our nation's mental-slavery, blind beliefs, superstitions and cowardice would have rebelled against malpractice, and the creative history of Indian art would have been able to lay a new ideal before the world.

Now-a-days the soul of man all over the world cries out "save us from movies that are offensive and sinful".

Nobody else can cause the amount of harm that pictures produce. More than our sins, we are suffering the penalty of the sine of the offensive movies and are groaning under the downfall. Not only our carelessness, laziness but also the sin of obscene pictures is also responsible to a very great extent for this situation.

If literature and poetry limit themselves to depicting only the physical beauty of woman in a lurid way, or depicting the pain of separation in love or sexual love, or remembering a woman's sensuousness, - which can only titillate and lead astray-then even the lighthouses directing the ships will be extinguished. Lust raises its head automatically. All the species of animal life-right from dogs to insects to moths and butterflies-automatically and instinctively respond to the stimulus of sex when their mating-season arrives. In man the inspiration to lust is so powerful that it is only proper to keep it under control. If it is set aflame, the fire would destroy the sanctity of our family-life and chastity and faithfulness in our married-life. Literature is but another form of Saraswati, the Goddess of learning. Poetry is a form of heavenly expression. It should not be used for the low, debasing pupose of exciting the lust. If the poet's imagination and the writer's creativity is used in turning man into an animal or a demon, then the destruction of mankind will be more horrible than created by bomber-planes, battleships, tanks, artillery, and atom-bombs. It would be only better if this downward slide of destruction is halted and somehow the gods of literature are requested and prevented from performing their dance of world-destruction.

There is one commodity which has created its place ahead of all the above talents. It is called MONEY. These days the importance of money is very great. All arts have fallen at its feet and have subordinated themselves to it. By offering its temptiaion, anyone can be controlled whether he is a singer, musician, painter, actor, poet, literateur, journalist, religious leader or a politician. With it, they can be made to dance like puppets or it can be said that all the arts are selling their virtue for the sweet smell of money. Talents are purchased with money and they willingly surrender themselves to dance to their tune like the gaily decorated prostitutes. One will have to strive very hard to search for those very rare individuals who have not succumbed to temptation and refused to tread the wrong path of sinful deeds. The chaste woman in the villages is satisfied by meagre food and tattered clothing, but what can one say about the young woman who is very much tempted for bedecking herself, for obtaining costly dresses and ornaments, wanting to use cosmetics and desiring a luxurious life of ease and indulgence? One can see fashion having its sway everywhere. No woman likes the simple attire of a virtuous woman or a woman of austerity. In such a situation they will have to act according to the dictates of they money-not only that but they will also have to act in such an unbecoming indecent way that the lecherous god of lucre should be attracted to them only.

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