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Lose Not Your Heart

Author : Shree RamSharma Acharya

Source : Shantikunj (Haridwar)

Those who are devoid of spiritual thinking and merely carry out social service, become mesmerised by their own success or virtues. They start beliving themselves as servants of humanity. In such a situation they expect that people should praise them & obey them. Their false sense of pride makes them enemies of many people. Therefore instead of becoming real servants of people they become destroyes of people.

Man cannot develop humility nor can he develop the capacity of self-improvement without the basis of spiritual thinking. He goes on committing mistakes-upon mistakes and thus makes his own life miserable.

All of your problems can be solved with the help of the Indian Culture and the Indian way of thinking. The Government can protect your rights but it cannot control the thought-process from where arise your happiness or misery. This can be achieved by spiritual upliftment only.

Only Indian culture has the real strength to turn man into a human being. This culture teaches us that man is born to love man, and certainly not for quarreling and fighting. If each and every programme of Gayatri Parivar is carried on properly, then the Sun of Indian culture will definitely rise.

If you wish to achieve peace of mind, develop inherent capacity as well as strength, take the help of your conscience. One may deceive, the entire world, but who can deceive one's own conscience? If you consult your conscience for every work, you will be able to maintain your moral discretion. If you are able to act according to the moral direction of your conscience, you will be able to succeed even though the whole world may be against you.

The spiritual downfall of a person starts at the very moment when he starts thinking about himself as the most virtous and above camparison.

Real success lies in making your life meaningful with intelligent thinking and intelligent thinking lies in dedicating your life towards the pursuit of the following rules ----- goodwill towards all, utilisng available time with descipline and good behavior, to make efforts for others' welfare, use of speech for good work only, earning your livelihood only by honest means, remembering Almighty God frequently everday, not to neglect one's duty and not to be upset when things go wrong.

By giving up the pursuit of only materialism, it will be extremely difficult to awaken the feeling of renunciation without dissolving one's own ego.

Arise ! Awake !! Stop not till your goal is achieved!!! Enmity will not increase f we ignore it as trivial when someone tries to harm us by ill-will and gossip and by refusing to be provoked into a reply. One must mentally accept that only silence is the most befitting reply. One who does his duty and does not try to find shortcomings in others is always at peace within himself.

Ups and downs are a part of life. Be cheerful, keep smiling. What is the use of a face that cannot laugh nor even smile.

Anyone who wants to maintain his mental strength should not be irritated by criticism from others.

You have also to learn that you will have to bear with some difficulties as a part of life. This is a part of rule "as you sow, so shall you reap" and is a result of your earlier acts. Any work which produces doubts, triedness and despair has inherent strength also. Finish your work and then step aside. Let the result of your work flow forth in the river of time.

Choose the work for which you are capable and then pour your all in it. Despair not by any event. You have a right only on your actions ----- not on the actions of others. Do not criticise, do not expect, be not afraid, in the end everything will turn out well. Experiences are a part of life. Despair not for you are leaning against a sound support.

A truly learned man neither blames others no becomes flush with excitement because of his inherent or achieved strength nor does he become shaky in the face of difficult circumstances.

One must be as afraid of one's ego or false sense of pride as one should be afraid of a rabid dog. Just as you will not touch poison or a poisonous snake, cultivate detachment from your achievements, also be aloof from persons who do not believe in achievements or success, and more important direct the activities of your mind and heart towards God.

Too much trust and dependence on others will make you utterly helpless and miserable. Look within yourself for direction not towards others. Your honesty will strengthen your determination and this strengthened determination will take you to your desired goal.

Whatever happens, so be it. Whatever is said about you, let it be said. You should consider these as inane as the mirage. If you have renounced or rejected wordly pursuits, how can these worthless matters affect your composure? Do not slacken --- even for a moment ---- your effort in finding out your own weakness or faults for correction. Only therein lies real personal upliftment.

Take advantage of every moment, every opportunity. Time passes quickly the lost moment never returns. Get on with your work with total self-involvement, you will reach your goal. Do not be upset over anything. Have faith not in man's capacity but in God's. Only the Almighty will show you the path and lead you on to the path of goodness.

Develop forbearance. Understand your responsibility. Instead of observing the faults of others and criticsing them, observe closely your own faults. If you are unable to control your speech, use it against yourself instead of against others.

First of all discipline yourself because self-realisation cannot be attained without personal experience. Politeness, straight forwardness, saintliness and forbearance - these are the main qualities necessary for-self-realisation.

Do not worry about how the others behave with you, be ready for self-upliftment ( by improving your own behaviour). If you grasp this truth, then be happy that you have understood the mystery of a very big principle.

Always keep your mind occupied, let it not remain idle. Be serious towards life's purpose. The tremendous task of upliftment of the soul is before you and the time is very short. If you stray from the path by your own neligence then, only you have to suffer and worse will be in store for you.


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